Earthenricher Continuous Flow Worm Bin Harvesting

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The main rod is acrylic, and is drilled to hold threaded rods.  T-nuts are screwed and glued to the rod ends, and handles attached using bolts screwed into the ends of the acrylic rods.

Below is the completed "scraper".

The scraper loosens the underside of the vermicompost, which drops into a drawer for removal.  The scraper also removes vermicompost that rests on the steel support rods, to avoid "bridging".  The scraper is pushed and pulled through the side channels in the base of the bin, and can be angled for depth.

The bottom has been removed from the main bin, which rests on the steel rods.

The tray rests below the main bin, and under the steel support rods, to catch the vermicompost as it is raked.  The tray is slightly larger than the bottom of the main bin so the vermicompost lands within the tray.

Vermicomposting bins and supplies. The new bin design brings the benefits of “continuous flow” industrial-scale systems to households with this single worm bin system. Products include: Continuous Flow Vermicompost Worm Bin, Compost Tea Brew Kit, and Worm Bin Accessory Kit.

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