Five Ideas To Make Your Business Greener

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5 Ideas to Make Your Business Greener 

Being greener is something we all need to (and many want to) do. This can be difficult when you are also running a business, especially if you happen to work in a sector or industry that is notorious for its lack of green credentials. However, it is well worth looking at ways to make your business green if you possibly can (and most of the time, you really can). Not only will it save the planet, but it will also help you to look better in the eyes of your customers, who will be impressed you are putting in at least some measures to make the world a greener, cleaner place. You’ll even save money on your energy bills.

Once you have put measures in place to start to do the right thing, you will soon see it was a good idea, and you will be able to concentrate on running your business and making it as successful as possible. Read on to find out more.

Get the Knowledge 

Before you can begin to implement any changes within your business, you need to know what those changes could be, and how they will impact you, the business, your customers, and the world. This means making sure you have done plenty of research; you need to know what is going to make your business a better one once you make the changes.

Some of this knowledge can be gained online through videos and websites, and more through conferences and talks. One of the best ways to get the knowledge you need to make your business greener and to keep your customers happy is to take a business course at one of the Ivy League universities UK. This is a good idea for general business reasons, but if you can find a degree course that offers more insight into becoming more environmentally friendly, that’s even better. 

Have an Audit

Even with a vast amount of knowledge, if there is a lot that needs to be done in your business when it comes to becoming much greener, it can be challenging to know just where to start. Because of this, despite having excellent intentions, some business owners don’t do anything at all – they are overwhelmed by the seeming enormity of the task. 

There is no need to feel like this. If you’re having trouble deciding where to start, all you need to do is conduct an audit. An energy audit will show you just where you can make the biggest changes for the biggest impact, and this is where you can start. There are dozens of different options that might suddenly become available to you once you go down this route, and an audit can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Replace Old Equipment 

This method of becoming greener is a fantastic one, but it’s also potentially an expensive one, and not all businesses are going to be able to do this right away. However, they can do it bit by bit, and knowing how well it can help, and how much money it can save over time, you’ll be glad to get started. 

We’re talking about replacing your old equipment for new items. By removing old, inefficient pieces of equipment from your office and buying new equipment with a better energy rating, you can make a big difference. Using this kind of equipment will save you money on your energy bills, even if you do have to pay out initially to get it. 

Rather than buying everything new all at once, take a look around your office. Anything that is really old and will need replacing can be switched first. Then, as your other items such as computers and printers start to become unusable, and you are going to have to buy new versions anyway, make sure you buy the most energy-efficient ones you can.

Offer Incentives for Green Commuting 

Although the way your business is run is going to make a lot of difference when it comes to being greener and helping the planet more, everyone ideally needs to be involved for it to really make the impact it needs to. Because of this, you might consider offering green incentives to your employees so that if they use public transport or cycle or walk to work rather than driving, or they carpool so that fewer cars are being used they will be rewarded.  

The reward could be in the form of subsidized fares or giving them a safe space to store their bicycles, or maybe even a bonus at the end of the year if they have managed to become greener in the way they get to work.


Recycling is a straightforward and crucial element to take on board when you are making your business greener. The more you can recycle, the healthier the planet can be, and your business will improve.  

The old piece of equipment we mentioned earlier, for example, shouldn’t be thrown out with the trash; they can be taken to a specialist recycling plant, or a third party can collect them if you find that easier.

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