7 Amazing People Who Prove That Living Plastic-Free is Possible

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3.    Beth Terry, author of Plastic Free 

Running her blog “My Plastic-Free Life” (previously “Fake Plastic Fish”) since 2007, Beth Terry is somewhat of a pioneer of plastic-free living. Starting off as a simple blog, her website has grown to include a wide and comprehensive array of information and resources on reducing plastic’s hold on us.

Not only does Beth strive to minimize her footprint by replacing plastic with alternatives in her own life, but she is also involved in targeting large companies in order to “demand change from the corporations that produce the stuff.” In 2008, she spearheaded the successful “Take Back the Filter” campaign which resulted in Brita filters being rendered recyclable.

In 2012, she published a book: Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, to inspire and advise waste-free enthusiasts on their journey to less plastic. Tips listed in the Plastic-Free Guide section of her blog involves basics from forgoing bottled water to more novel practices such as returning fruit and vegetable containers to the market to be reused and giving up gum — did you know that chewing gum contained plastic? 

4.    Mary Kat, aka The Plastic Free Chef 

Mary Kat focuses her plastic-free efforts on food, an initiative that began when she realized that most of the trash she generated was originating from the kitchen. She now uses ingredients that contain no packaging of any kind, plastic or otherwise.

Alongside tips for a plastic-free kitchen, her blog contains a plentiful collection of recipes using package-free ingredients. She provides information on making basics such as baking powder, almond and coconut milk, and pita bread, among others. The blog features a straightforward recipe for vegan pesto, as well as plastic-free methods of storing the constituent ingredients — keeping basil leaves fresh by wrapping them in cloth napkin and putting them in a glass container, for instance.

5.    Taina Uitto, Plastic Manners 

Through the REFUSE! Challenge outlined in her blog, Taina aims to encourage readers to rethink their bad plastic manners. She provides information on plastic — its harmful consequences on the environment as well as its unhealthy components — and lists some alternatives to plastic in daily life. As a new mom, Taina offers some particularly useful suggestions for plastic and waste–free baby care.

She also identifies a number of benefits to her new-found plastic freedom, namely health improvements, money savings, increased self-reliance, more meaningful connections with people, kicking her expensive and unhealthy makeup habit, discovering a new sense of leadership and individuality, and of course simply “owning less junk.”

Seeing the success of the Plastic Manners blog — aided no doubt by the attention-grabbing motto “Keep it real. Puck flastic” — Taina and her brother decided to produce a documentary entitled “From the Waste Up – Life Without Plastic” exploring six families’ quest to reducing their plastic usage for a year. According to Taina, the “ongoing fun challenge” that is living plastic-free has brought more value and beauty to her life and allowed her to feel like a better role model for her baby.

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