4Ocean, a non profit helping clean our oceans need your support (Video)

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The 4Ocean team is constantly traveling and moving from coastline to coastline both locally and internationally to help keep all beaches and oceans clean. The 4Ocean team hosts both onshore and offshore cleanups. Onshore Beach Cleanups are an effective way to prevent trash from entering the ocean whereas Offshore Cleanups are a very effective way to remove trash that has already entered the ocean.

Started by friends who loved to surf, but who were saddened  by the amount of trash scattered on their own local beach, they decided to do something about it. They decided to become part of the solution. Now brigades all over the world get together to collect, sort and recycle all the trash accumulated during each campaign.

All of the trash we collect is rinsed and sorted. After that, it is analyzed to be recycled. If it can possibly be recycled such as glass and plastic, it is brought to a local recycling center. If it is considered non-recyclable it is disposed of as such at a reputable waste facility. 

The way they collect funds is by selling a beaded bracelet, Feel free to visit their page and donate. 

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