It's Spring! 22 Plant & Grow Ideas For The Garden

Categories: Green

7. DIY key wind chime 

An interesting idea to follow. See the step by step tutorial here.

8. Egg carton as seed tray 

Egg cartons can become ideal seed trays. Even eggshells can be used to sow seeds.

9. Transform your rake or shovel into a plant measuring tool 

If you love to measure your plant, try this idea. This is super easy to follow and handy.

10. Make use of broken pots 

Do you have broken pots? Instead of throwing, recycle them. You’ve no idea that you can create amazing stuff for your garden from them easily. Read this post to find out.

11. DIY toadstools 

Make toadstools out of logs and wooden salad bowls. See the DIY post here.

12. Garden tool hanger 

Use an old rake to hang garden tools.

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