TURBO Footstool - A Bathroom Must Have for Better Health

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A toilet footstool for squatting and massage, leading to better health. Best value for LASTING WELLNESS!

Simple things like how we use the toilet can have a big impact on our health and wellness. Many of us probably do not use the toilet as best as we should. We are simply unaware. That's why we invented TURBO, which makes using toilet the right way easy and seamless.

If we go back in time, people used to squat to release. Many in the East still do, and for good reasons. Western toilet was invented to provide convenience and comfort. But unfortunately sitting on the toilet creates a kink in the colon which makes it difficult to release, and makes us susceptible to a number of health issues like hemorrhoids, constipation, IBS, colon cancer, etc. With the western toilet we compromised wellness for comfort.

However, who wants to give up the comfort of western toilet? No one! And the good news is you do not have to, thanks to TURBO! TURBO is a toilet footstool for squatting and much more. You just sit on the toilet as you normally do, then place your feet on TURBO and lean forward a bit. This posture mimics squatting and brings the wellness back to the comfort of western toilet.

Squatting is healthier. Our body is designed like that!

TURBO has another key feature – feet massage. Feet has pressure points for different parts of the body, including the colon. Thus stimulating the appropriate pressure points of the feet can help with constipation and other colon issues. One can also enhance the health of different parts of the body by targeting the appropriate pressure points on the feet.

Our feet get beaten everyday from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed – so the massage can also be a very relaxing experience and improve blood circulation to get us through the day. We use the toilet everyday anyway, so why not make the best use of the toilet time!

Best use of the bathroom time – feels good and good for health!

Wellness is arguably the single most important thing for our well-being. But wellness is like a puzzle, there are several pieces to it. While we focus a lot on eating, sleeping, and exercising, we often neglect the pooping part which is just as crucial. Today many people who use the western toilet are simply unaware of this. With TURBO we want to bring the awareness and spread the wellness.

Good to know: Just like eating, sleeping, and exercising, pooping is also a crucial piece of the wellness puzzle. Wellness will be always illusive without it!

Health issues and soaring healthcare costs are among the #1 worries as we enter the 21st century. So it is becoming more important than ever to be in charge of our own health. Making simple lifestyle changes like this is the easiest way to stay healthy and live life to the fullest.

We have some unique and patent pending designs for you! As you will see, we have excelled both in terms of form and functionality. We are bringing you a design that you will love to have in your bathroom and use it everyday.

Go ahead, show it off to your friends or when you have guests over in your house ... let them appreciate your healthy lifestyle and get inspired by you :)

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