Should You Consider 'Transforming Furniture' for Your Small Space?

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Transforming furniture fits perfectly in a tiny home and small space context, it allows its user the ability to utilize the same space for different purposes. Bellow are some examples of furniture that look and work great. 

Exocet is “a new kind of chair for all kinds of moments” — built for the natural curvatures of the human body, this ergonomically designed lounge chair can be transformed into a multitude of positions depending on your mood or activity. The patent pending design is available in several wood stains.

Ana Arana’s Gali kitchenette is like the Swiss Army Knife of culinary pursuits. Perfect for a kitchen-less studio apartment or tiny home, this all-in-one design is armed with everything you need to store, prep and cook food in a super-compact form.

This luxurious modular shelving system by Amuneal is ideal for the smallest of spaces. The series of customizable shelves can be configured in a myriad of ways in a variety of wood stains or glass. Anchored by a solid brass machined hardware, the mechanical connections can be simply adjusted for any desired shelf spacing.

Roberto Gil’s new Casa Collection includes this instant bedroom and storage system. The 6-in-1 Urbano Loft Bed is a customizable system that includes closets, dressers, a desk, a fold-out guest bed, and storage stairs, all topped off with a king sized bed and nightstand. Made with an eco-conscious birch plywood, this ultra-efficient, space saving design is handcrafted in Brooklyn.

This expanding outdoor glass dining table from Sifas seamlessly transforms to provide more seating in a snap. Its weather-proof swiveling center instantly creates more seating only when you need it. The elegant design is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, and is a definite improvement from the antiquated design of traditional expanding dining tables.

French company Fermob recently released these handy wireless LED lanterns that travel with you as you need them. The clever light can be hung from a lamp stand or detached and placed wherever you need extra lighting, whether it be indoor or outdoor. The best part is that they are completely wireless — after being charged on aUSB cable, each light stays illuminated for 7-12 hours.

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