These Soles Will Save You From Slipping On Wet Winter Roads

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With ‘thermochromatic lugs’ that turn blue and a name like ‘Arctic Grip,’ it may be hard to view Vibram’s sole technology as anything more than marketing flair. But just wait until you try it on ice.

Rubber and wet ice traditionally don’t mix. But at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, Vibram installed a massive frozen block and encouraged people to hop on and test Arctic Grip. Almost immediately, an unrehearsed ‘WOW’ escaped the lips of the testers, as the magic rubber stuck on the slick ice with propensity rivaled by nothing short of metal spikes. 

Vibram says Arctic Grip gives “up to three times better grip” on wet ice surfaces than any other Vibram sole to date. We tried it and can confirm that the innovation is real. It sticks to wet ice like nothing we’ve ever used in a way that’s hard to believe. Until it comes to market later this year, here are 9 things to know about the unprecedented Arctic Grip.


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