The Wonderbag Is A Slow Cooker That Needs No Electricity Or Fuel

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Developed by humanitarian, Sarah Collins, the Wonderbag was developed for people in developing nations as a way to cook food without burning fuel, which is expensive and/or very time consuming to acquire.

Soups and stews, for instance, that take hours to cook take hours of wood to burn.  With this bag, the food is brought to a boil and placed inside the bag where it continues to cook for 8 hours!

In addition to saving time and money on fuel, this process is also clean.  According to the World Health Organization, over 4 million people die every year from inhaling the toxic fumes produced by burning solid, indoor cooking fuel.  Another 3.8 million die of related diseases, like stroke, heart disease or lung cancer, that are associated with breathing in the toxins.

The Wonderbag is a fantastic invention, really using ancient technologies like burying your cooking food to keep it cooking, or wrapping it in blankets while it continues to cook.  Collins has brought it to mainstream attention and is even delivering one Wonderbag to a family in Africa for every one purchased in the United States.


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