The HotTug. A Motorized Floating Wood-Fired Hot Tub!

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The standard color is black, but the Hot Tug is available in any RAL and NCS colour.


The Designer
The HotTug is a design by Supergoed: as simple as it is ingenious. Supergoed is owned by Frank de Bruijn, who works on a barge in the port of Rotterdam. Frank has a soft spot for places where the natural and cultivated go hand in hand. His love of freedom, campfires, open water swimming and meals in the open air is expressed in many of his designs.  “The feel of the outdoors is very important to me,” says De Bruijn. “Now the HotTug is expanding my work horizon to the water as well.”


Frank de Bruyn: “It’s much more than a boat, it’s a vessel with different options. When the tug is filled, there is only a narrow rim between you and the water, making you feel at one with your surroundings.” Frank’s long experience of wood stoves while living and working on his own barge helped him to develop a wood-burning underwater stove. This is what heats the 2000 litres of water in the HotTug to a pleasant 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees F.) in a few hours.


Ships Worldwide
The HotTug is available all around the world; please contact them for a delivery quote to your address. Prices and details can be found here.


Rentable in The Netherlands
Currently you can rent the HotTug at two locations in the Netherlands. In the North of the Netherlands, in IJlst, one hour drive from Amsterdam and in Rotterdam 40 minutes by fast train from Amsterdam. You can book online and find more information about the different locations and prices at the rental website

The HotTug Official site

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