The HotTug. A Motorized Floating Wood-Fired Hot Tub!

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The HotTug is the first wood-fired hot tub boat in the world and you can put it right at the top of my Christmas wish list. Just picture enjoying yourself in the warm waters of this hot tub and surrounded by the glacier waters of winter and snow... 

Seating 6 people comfortably (8 peeps if you’re really close friends), the wood-fired hot tub is an extremely stable boat that is available in two versions: With an integrated electric motor of 2.4 KW you can cruise around for about 2.5 or 8 hours depending on your version. With an outboard engine it depends on how much gas (petrol) you can carry.

The boat is constructed from wood and fitted with glass fiber reinforced polyester (size 230 x 380 x 110 cm). It can be sailed with or without water, has a stainless steel stove with a double-walled pipe and is powered by a nice and quiet built-in electric motor. A ‘folding pipe’ is available for HotTugs that sail through landscape with low bridges (50 cm / 20 inches clearance).

The HotTug contains about 1800 litres of water and takes about 2.5 hours to heat with the wood-burning stove in front of the boat. The warms warms to 38° Celsius or 100° Farenheit. Emptying the Hot Tug is done with an electric submersible pump in just about 20 minutes.

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