Soldier of the future: Maps beamed to his glasses, helmet camera sending images to comrades and sensors to monitor his health

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Caught on camera: The mounted helmets will help soldiers warn each other of potential dangers such as booby-traps and ambushes

‘It provides a platform to challenge what this future could be and how industry and academia could help the MoD to make it a reality.’

Sergeant Dave Grant, of the Army’s Infantry Trials and Development unit, said: ‘If a unit is out on the ground, you could take real-life video and send it wirelessly to other soldiers pointing out, “This is where the enemy is hiding, this is the kind of terrain”, and send that information back up the chain of command so they can alter tactics if necessary.’

The Future Soldier Vision is based on current military research and emerging commercial technology.

Hi-tech: The torso sub-system of segmented armour that can be customised to the soldier with integrated connectors and power supply


Front and back: Smart glasses (pictured left) will enable troops to see information on a small screen in front of their eye

Shades: The glasses will allow commanders to beam maps, tactics, enemy positions and video from surveillance drones to the mini-display

More than a timepiece: The watch monitoring a soldier’s health in combat will allow an officer to pull him from a mission if they are flagging

Armed: A new version of the Army’s SA80 assault rifle features a technology that allows targeting information to be shared

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