Turning Rocks into Gems

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2020 is the year of re-defining what we do.  Many workers found themselves moving into essential workplaces to keep the budget flowing.  Kids became separated from their friends, yet remain connected with the gaming world.  I thought this cool rock tumbler was a chance to take the kids outside, discover neat and unique rocks, and tumble them into smooth gems... a step above the usual toy or gimmicky Christmas gift.  It's a chance to transform something real and organic into something refined and beautiful.  We go along through life buying things others have transformed, often not knowing the source of where things come from.  This experience will have the kids appreciating the polish they find on gemstones at the rock shop.  It will also keep them looking outside for things that will polish up nicely.... for the rest of their lives.  

At $60.00, this National Geographic tumbler kit contains some stones to get the kids started, and I expect they will keep on looking for a long time to come.  When we get back to family vacations, I expect we'll be heading to the petrified forest or places we can find nice stones to throw in the tumbler.  We might even find ourselves craving a bigger version for the bigger stones we find.  


Click Here to get yours in time for Christmas!


 Now watch how the pros do it when they really know what they're after....

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