Recycling Bottles Into Rope

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The Plastic Bottle Cutter is also made with eco-friendly materials. It is very resistant, easy to keep, carry or store, and it can be your long-lasting strategic ally to turning plastic bottle problems into smart plastic solutions.

Does this make sense to you? If so: 

  • We invite you to secure your early access to the Plastic Bottle Cutter, in special conditions, while also supporting it and helping to bring it into existence – please take a look at our rewards to choose how you will be part of this smart tool’s history.
  •  We also invite you to share this campaign page with your friends and family members who may also want a Plastic Bottle Cutter of their own.

Thank you and we hope to be sending your Plastic Bottle Cutter soon!

Risks and challenges

We really do not anticipate any special risks or challenges for this campaign. We have the produced, tried and tested prototypes, so the only challenge that we are looking at is that of getting the crowd to know about the Plastic Bottle Cutter and back it. However, we believe that its utility is so obvious, that we believe it will generate the backing force it needs to come into existence.

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