The Portable Bathtub That Stores Flat!

Categories: Gadgets

Do you know that there’s a great effect when bathing in a bathtub? It makes you feel relaxed after a long day of hard work. Unfortunately, you might not be able to enjoy as often as you want when you travel a lot or only have a shower. 

The Xtend is a collapsible tub that folds down to just a third of an inch in height - making it compact enough to lay at the bottom of your suitcase.  

Weighing 15lbs, the lightweight product is made up of a carbon fibre frame and bathing inlet.

Attached beneath the flat design are four legs, which screw into the corners of the design to create a frame for the water-holding interior.

The white inlay completes the tub cushions with 3 layer structure of synthetic high-performance material. This padded, machine washable fabric is soft, durable, and lightweight, the surface will smooth out once the tub is filled with water.

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