Pesticide Free Mosquitos and Solar Contraption

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The above device represents a whole series of great inventions that continue to flood into the world to combat problems.  It allows us to hone in on certain bugs without harming many others.  Mosquitos being the target here in light of possible Zika spread, what better way to combat them in a bird-friendly solution.  After all, who wants our birds eating pesticide-laden dead mosquitos?  

All it takes is one brilliant idea, and we can change our world. Knowledge is at our fingertips, and I'm not talking about just Google. When we invite the community to join our pages, and offer up suggestions, the knowledge of many come together to find ideas that work. These solar mosquito feeders are made in China, but the concept was shared from a blogger in Great Britain. Got a problem with Zika? Try these!

The device in the video is not yet available in the U.S., but pending it makes it through a stack of regulations, it should be here soon!  


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