Lost Keys Are No More With This New Gagdet!

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Can you remember the last times you lost your keys or left your bag behind somewhere?  Do you have kids that seem to always "hide" your keys?  There's no doubt about it, when the keys are lost, the world stops. 

The new Pebblebee® Finder has completely changed the way you shuffle through your house looking for your misplaced keys, phone and other valuable items.

The Finder utilizes a surgical grade stainless steel ring to provide a classy look with durability second to none.

The loud beeping alert and flashing red LED light allows you to quickly track and find your important items.


From the get-go we knew we wanted a sleek, sexy design that was pleasing to the eye and felt great in the hands. It was important that our Finder looked as if it was meant to be there.

The Pebblebee® Finder and our new app are so easy to use. Open the app, press Find and instantly find your valuables. Or, squeeze the Finder to ring your phone even if it's on silent mode. Lost is found.

Interested? I know I am!  Click here for more information.

Source: Kickstarter Pebblebee Finder

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