Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub

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Ever wish that after a long day of hiking you could soak your bones in a hot tub? We sure have.

Enter the Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub, a portable, 225-gallon vinyl hot tub that would be a sweet upgrade to your next campsite. The tub has a 60-inch diameter and measures 24 inches high but packs down into a 16x16-inch dry bag.

To set up the tub, the Nomad team recommends you pick a site close to a water source and then use Honda’s WX10 lightweight water pump (or something similar) to fill it.

Once the hot tub is full, a stainless steel heating coil heats and circulates the water. The coil, fueled by either propane or firewood, can heat 100 gallons of 50-degree water to 100 degrees in about an hour.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to go in the middle of nature yet still maintain some of the comfortable life from indoor? Now you can partially do so right from a duffel bag! Yes, it is that simple with The Original Nomad. Even though the name might be too adventurous for some, the applications are quite regular. You can install it in the back yard when the kids want to have some play time around the water.

Also, any trip won’t be a compromise to comfort anymore with this handy device. The lots of uses for the tub and heater coil make The Original Nomad a product you want to have. The Portland-based company who design this tub and coil are experienced in manufacturing unique outdoor products that go really well with adventure seekers. Check out the pictures and their website for further details and order your own!

$650 for the tub and frame; $725 for the water heater coil,

via GoodHomesDesign

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