Mini-Segway For Christmas? Welcome To The Future!

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Who needs a Segway Scooter when you can have something similar for 1/10th the price? It’s true, gyroscopic, self-balancing hoverboards are here today. They’re not as big as their Segway counterparts, and also don’t include a handle, but for all intents and purposes, they use the same (or similar) technology. You can find these devices on popular shopping websites, like Amazon, or eBay. They come in at a very affordable price point of about $600. The maximum speed is about 7 MPH, and will take you about 30 miles before the “low charge” indicator light comes on. For those seeking the thrill of a Segway scooter, or as a practical transportation device at school or work, this new electric scooter may be just the ticket.

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