This is how you keep your sneakers clean forever

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These nifty shoe covers will keep your kicks dry, no matter how much rain is on the road.

With limited edition sneakers often soaring into the $350-range, rain becomes more than just a little inconvenience. How are you supposed to keep your new Yeezy's looking fly if you can keep them dry?

Clearly, some sneaker-head somewhere has experienced that very same issue, which is where Dry Steppers come in.

These waterproof sheaths are like tiny raincoats for your feet, meaning you'll never have to ever ask for a plastic bags for your feet again.

Both rain and snow resistant, Dry Steppers are the one solution to all your soggy sock dilemmas. They'll keep your feet forever happy and dry for under $20 USD.

Most sneaker fans won’t have the heart to rock their beloved pairs out during harsh weather, but one company making sure your sneakers stay their best is Dry Steppers. Crafted and designed by a sneaker expert, the slip-on shoe guard are water resistant and made to repel most inclement weather conditions so they can be worn whether it’s raining or snowing. Keeping in mind style, the Dry Steppers have been designed with coveted silhouettes such as the YEEZY BOOST 750, the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2, and the Air Jordan 11s. They're available at various online locations!

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