Kiss Those Pesky Fruit Flies Goodbye

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Living in a tropical climate almost comes simultaneously with fruit flies.  Whether they are coming at your picnic or making a home in your fruit basket, these make me want to come at them with a blow torch.

There are many different ways to come at these flies.  After Fruit Fly Funnel creators spent countless time and money replacing their own DIY fruit fly traps, the result was anything but consistent.

Their solution focused on three main concerns: Time, Money, and Waste.  The Fruit Fly Funnel can turn any plastic bottle into a fly trap, the trap is complete washable, and makes for a cleaner enviroment.

You simply bait, freeze, and then set out.  And after you get them, simply wash and you are ready for next time.  Which if you are tropical like me, next week.

Here is a bait recipe sure to get results!

Source: Kickstarter

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