Forget Pocket Knives, I Want This Awesome Tiny Cleaver

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Designed to be carried around the neck on a length of cord, these fixed-blade slicers aren't "pocket" knives. And without a folding mechanism to cover up their slicey bits, tiny sheaths are also mandatory. So maybe not quite as practical as a standard pocket knife, but more stylish and definitely more unique.  

The real limiting factor though is the cost. The adorably tiny little cleavers like the one you see above are custom made, so they carry a hell of a price. The cheapest are around over $200, the pricer ones are $400 and up. What's more is that none of these knives are actually available right now, having sold out despite the big pricetags. In a way, that's probably for the best, so that we can all gawk without the danger of an impulse buy.

A guy can dream, right?

h/t Reddit / From: Hearst Editorial / via PopularMechanics

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