The Kindling Cracker Is A Creatively Safer And Easier Way To Split Wood

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Preparing firewood doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience where you get splinters and smash your fingers.  If you've got kids who are learning to do this, or are up in years, and it's getting harder to weild a splitting maul, some creative New Zealanders came up with this concept that is quite fantastic, and should be setting next to ever fireplace or campfire location.  They're pretty inexpensive, and made of cast iron. 

The blade is kept where the fingers won't catch it, and it doesn't have to be thrown around.  The Kindling Cracker has recently come available on Amazon.  Click Here to get yours!
My experience was fantastic with it, but I recommend bolting it down to the concrete, or a solid surface for maximum safety and performance.
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