This Trick Will Let Your Fish Swim Up Into View!

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It's amazing what a simple principle of physics can do.  Did you ever play with a cup in the bathtub when you were a kid?  And when the cup was full of water, you could turn it upside-down, and lift it up.  When the cup came out of the water fully, the water would empty from the cup.  Same principle here... the airtight glass is used, and put on a stand.  Notice in the video how he then fills it up with water, and the water rises to fill the tank!  Then the fish can swim up into the sunlight, and they love it!  You'll get to say hi to your fish as they enjoy swimming into the tank on the pond.  This is one fantastic, and might I add genius yet simple way to enjoy your fish!  So now I'm thinking of other great shapes this might work with.... What do you think?  Watch how its done:

It looks impossible, but it's simply done!  And nope!  It doesn't hurt the fish!  They just swim in and out of the 3 dimensional space.  

Look at this!  You can even do it in your fish tank...

So I know you're getting ideas too!  I sure am!


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