Look Out Segway! This Self Balancing Cycle Is Brilliant!

Categories: Gadgets, Mobility

This is a self balancing ("hoverboard/hands-free segway") dual wheel (or twin wheeled) electric unicycle! Its technical name, the Inmotion V3S from eWheels.

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It has a TON of cool features, and this is one my new favorite electric scooters. I ride it almost everyday, seriously.
-Top speed: ~12 mph
-Weight: 30 pounds
-Distance/Range: ~18-25 miles
-Charge Time: 2-3.5 hrs

The build and materials are top quality! Soft comfortable padding for legs and ankles, rubber and grooves on the foot pads, a retractable handle bar (just like a rolling suitcase) to easily roll around. Sliding charging port that is dust and water resistant. 

Head and tail lights that auto adjust based on driving direction.
Bluetooth built-in, for loud music streaming (and these speakers are VERY loud), plus an app to control power, speed, audio notifications, firmware updates, and a lot more.

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