Creator's Bottle Cutter: An Easier Way To Cut Bottles For Up-cycling

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Have you ever tried cutting a wine bottle with a string soaked in alcohol that has been lit up and then putting the bottle in cold water. Yeah, me too. haven't been very successful. But there are better and more efficient ways to do this, especially if you are up-cycling materials. 

The Creators Bottle Cutter is a high-tech, dependable bottle cutter that is simple to use and creates precise scores around the bottle. Constructed from a poly-carbonate plastic, durable stainless steel slide bars, enclosed rubber coated ball bearing rollers (to keep out glass slivers), and is the only Made In USA bottle cutter with a carbide cutting wheel.

You can score beer bottles, wine bottles, square bottles, triangular bottles, oval bottles. Just about any bottle with a flat bottom. No other bottle cutter on the market can do that with any degree of precision that the Creators Bottle Cutter can.

Simply set the cutting wheel to exact spot on the attached ruler, loosen yellow thumbscrew, then simply turn the bottle on the rollers while applying pressure. Its that easy! Thermal shock method used to separate the bottle after scoring. Instructions included.

As a special bonus, also included is a Palm Protector that allows the bottle to spin easily while keeping your hands safe while cutting. Carbide cutting head. Now includes two free rubber separating rings.

Bottle Cutter Specs:

•12 inches long, 6 inches high, and 5 inches wide.

•CSG-10 Carbide Cutting Head

•Bright Dipped Anodized Aluminum Carriage

•Stainless Steel Carriage Rods

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