Cozy Soak Woodfired Hot Tub: Can You See Yourself?

Categories: Gadgets

There are a number of things in life that can calm down just about anybody; burning wood fires, and hanging out in hot tubs are chief among them. The folks at Ox + Monkey, a Canadian design and fabrication shop have combined those two things into one seamless and attractive design with their Soak Outdoor wood fired hot tub.

Large enough for two, this tub constructed from marine grade aluminum, red cedar, and stainless steel can heat up water via wood or propane fire. While this hot tub has an old-school heating mechanism, it has a modern look inspired by thegerman Bauhaus school of art that makes it a great fit for almost any backyard. While it may be getting warmer around the country – it isn’t a bad idea to keep an eye on one of these for when temperatures start dropping in the evenings. 

Inspired by the sleek lines and healing properties of the JapaneseOfuro soaking tub and infused with simple Bauhaus form, the SOAK is a two person, outdoor wood fired soaking style hot tub with a propane heating option. Designed to create an intimate and restorative experience, the SOAK connects the users with the healing properties of water.

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