A sofa that becomes a fort to let you sleep in complete privacy; Orwell Cabin Bed

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Nostalgia time. Remember when you were a kid and how you’d build make-shift tents or forts out of the bed or sofa? If you do remember, two things: One, you had a good childhood, and two, you’d want one of these.

The Orwell Sofa is the fancy, adult version of that home-made fortress. Designed by Barcelona-based designers Alvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, this piece of furniture can turn into a sofa, a daybed, a bed, or a private cabin. Simply hop in, let the curtains drop, and take a relaxing nap. It’s a place to find peace and privacy within your home – your very own fortress of solitude.

The name references the author’s surname of the book ‘1984’ and the original idea of the product, which was to recapture the intimacy that can sometimes be lost, even within our own homes. the design invites you to rest it in its comfortable interior and resuscitate that childhood memory of a ‘cabin’, the hidden place within the world that all children wished they had. the heavy, quilted curtains insulate against sound, and its size, similar to that of a bed, allows it to be used either sitting or lying down.


As of right now, they are not yet in production.  Like them on Facebook and stay in touch.  

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