Homesteader Crafts A Fully Automatic Crossbow Machine-Gun

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There's nothing as exciting for a diy craftsman as to design and build something unique, something useful, and especially something that's over the top!  Jorg Sprave from Northern Bavaria and the Slingshot Channel  builds and fabricates some amazing shooting devices for the backwoods.  This has to be among his best contraptions.  Watch the above video and see just how he does it.  

The hand-crafted wooden gears and one aluminum-made are superbly cut with precision.  

The use of a makita drill motor to wratchet back the rack and pinion is genius! 

But the best part is watching it in action, and the thrill that Jorg has over his creation!

Be sure to check out his channel and see all the great ideas he has, and how he puts them to use!

Now what could we use this for? 


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