Veggies In A Vending Machine... What!?

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What originally started out as a honor system farm stand, turned into a full fledged vegetable vending machine.

Instead of chocolates, crisps and bottles of juice, the 1.8-metre-high and four-metre-wide machine offers people the chance to buy tasty local produce, such as carrots, parsnips, onions, potatoes and eggs.

Elinor Logan, partner at WM Logan, at Athelstaneford Mains Farm, explained the idea had come about earlier this year, with the machine unveiled on Good Friday.

She said: “Ten years ago, we sold potatoes at the farm but found the honesty box system was not working too well; that is why we stopped.

“We knew about the vending machines, but read an article in a newspaper about them and decided to follow it up.”

The German-built machine works in a similar fashion to any other vending machine, only with the product contained in a locker.

A customer puts in their money and types in a code, which unlocks a locker, which then contains the fresh product.

Mrs Logan told the Courier the aim was to bring the end product closer to the customer, with seasonal recipes also on display.

She added: “The response has been good.

Sound like something you would take advantage of?

Source: East Lothian Courier

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