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HOW TO GRATIFY YOUR TASTE BUDS WITH ORGANIC FOODS IN ECO-FRIENDLY PLACES IN ROME. These restaurants are starting to pop all over the world in this article we focus on the city of Rome. Sustainable farm to table or energy efficiently run restaurants are focusing in more than good food for their clients and that makes us happy.

The offer of healthy meals in Rome is becoming more voluminous, not just places where the choice and quality of raw materials for the preparation of the dishes is carefully researched, but also of all those places that want to offer a complete sustainable development experience fielding other green practices. For the excluded from this short summary: don’t being upset but you are really so many!

Biopolis Caffè

Via Dire Daua 12
An example of how we intend an ecologic company. They field not only eco -friendly best practices but they communicate them to customers in an exemplary way to sensitize them through small daily gestures on which everyone can be envolved: the use of purified water served in glass pitchers allows a considerable saving in the use of plastic; the home automation system and the use of led lamps; electric dryers in bathrooms; certified sustainable architecture in furnishings and interiors. Want to know if you’ll have healthy eating? Of course, here they serve only organic foods. Biopolis Caffè EcoOpinion is 3.2

Open Baladin Roma

Via degli Specchi 5-6
Laura Bolletta, one of our Official GreenWatchers, report to us the Baladin place in Rome. We understand that many of our users are biased towards "franchise" but we had to distinguish case by case! The Baladin, besides being a highly respected craft beer is also an ecologic company that pays lots of attention towards eco-sustainability, from big things like the brewery, powered in part by solar energy and in part by certified wind energy, to smaller ones like corks picked up in each store to be then recycled. In Rome, they offers not only craft beer, but also an original proposal from the kitchen, based on a thorough search of the best Italian ingredients. Your EcoOpinion about this brewery is 3.5

Il Margutta RistorArte

Via Margutta 118
Very high quality, is considered one of the most value organic and vegetarian restaurants in Europe. You will find the right mix of gastronomy, respect for the environment and for animals, contemporary art and entertainment to feed the body and mind in a way adopted since when no one was even barely thinking about that. The opening dates back to 1979 when the vegetarian food wasn’t as well known. The products are 0Km and, cultivated in a special vegetable garden within the Velo Park reserve, they come daily fresh. The EcoOpinion of our users is 2.8

BioOsteria e BioBar al Casale Podere Rosa

Via Diego Fabbri corner with Viale De Stefani
You’ll eat and drink only fairtrade and organic foods with the choice of vegetarian or not dishes. The guarantee of the authenticity of healthy meals is made by the non-profit association Casale Podere Rosa that since 1993 is interested in environmental defense and protection and in spreading of environmental sustainability culture for a more easy way of life with fewer and better consumption. The entrance is reserved to members but the annual fee isn’t expensive and the association promotes many interesting and obviously eco-friendly initiatives. The BioOsteria e BioBar al Casale Podere Rosa has an EcoOpinion of 2.8

L’Acino che Vola

Via Gaetano Rappini 23C
Began as a wine bar but Fabrizio transforms it, almost casually, in an informal restaurant. Most products for sale (wines also on tap, craft beers, honeys, jams and cheese sauces) come fromorganic farming. The restaurant also has a rich program of events and they organize cooking classes. L’Acino che Vola EcoOpinion is up to 2.8

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