Crispy Orange Chips Recipe

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These orange chips look like the sun… with beautiful details of fire going out from the center.

Whenever you open up the jar, a sweet & bright smell frolics through your senses… giving you a burst of energy and happiness.

We are nearing the end of our orange season here. This year I’ve started to appreciate my citrus trees more, especially the oranges… last year I hardly did anything with them because I didn’t know what to do with it all! It was easy to grow tired of eating them and the juice was simply too sour to enjoy a glassful.

With some planning… I made candied orange spice peels and save the juice to make creamy popsicles & smoothies. I’ve used more orange zest in my baked goods then I ever have in my life!

With more oranges coming off the trees, I googled around and found this great site sharing all the different ways you can use the peels. One suggestion was to simply dehydrate the peels for later use, but I decided to use the whole orange instead…

Because I remember seeing a post somewhere with some chai tea and a whole dried orange slice added in for some fun flavor… I saved and filed that in the back of my mind.

So glad I did!

Now I have almost 3 gallons of dried orange chips. I’ve already enjoyed several slices in my Rooibos tea and the girls love nibbling on them… they are actually a yummy snack! 

Thinking these sunshines would be great to break up and mix into some trail mix or oatmeal. Hmm!

You can use any kind of citrus fruit you have… I had some lemons (didn’t get very much this year, sad!) and made a quart of dried lemon chips. Haven’t tried using them yet. I am dehydrated some grapefruit right now and have plans to use them for a homemade cleaner.

It is super easy…

Simply wash ’em, slice ’em (about a quarter-inch thick), seed ’em and laid ’em on sheets.

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