Make Your Own 'Beer' for Kids (video)

Categories: Cooking

We were recently introduced to Jeff Burkinshaw from the Gridlessness Youtube channel and I have got to tell you, these videos are awesome!   Jeff and his family are so down to earth and are able to the humor in the everyday "sucky" realities of living off the grid... for example mosquitos

Anyways, we came across his Beer for Children video and literally couldn't resist.  Along with his family, Jeff goes through the process of making Ginger Beer and Apple Cider.

All you need is, glass jug with lid, pressure gauge, sugar, and yeast.

First step is boiling water for the Ginger Beer and Apple Juice for the Cider.

Next he grinds the ginger and installs a pressure gauge to the lid of the bottle: although not necessary, it' pretty cool to see the progression of the 'beers'.

Next you add your sugar, yeast, and ginger to the boiling water and stir until the sugar dissolves.

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