Self-Powered Coffee Trailer Supplies Two Kinds of Energy

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They want to bring great coffee & community feels to public, private & media events in NYC. We're changing the game in coffee catering.

They are Mike & Tabi. For years they had a dream of owning a local coffee shop. Mike began working as a barista & Tabi as a stylist in film. After drinking too many mediocre (at best) cups of coffee on set they saw the need to bring these two worlds together.

They believe a quality cup of coffee is determined by the sourcing of it's ingredients. All of KIN's products aim to support the local community & environment. Instead of just making a smaller imprint they want to make a positive addition to the world we live in.

They are on a journey to bring community & great coffee to the catered world.

They've purchased & started renovations on a 1974 Scotty Serro vintage camper (see pics below). We currently have a beverage cart with a pour over station that can be hired for smaller private event and shoots where the camper won't fit. The goal is to purchase the rest of the machinery and supplies needed to fully convert the camper into a working mobile coffee shop.

As a company their heart is to be transparent in every area. Below is a list of the areas of KIN right now.



  • Composting on site

  • Responsible recycling on site

  • Solar powered 

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