Hermit Living In The Woods Was Forced To Leave His Home

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A modern-day hermit who has spent four years building his remote shack from clay has been told to leave.

Daniel Pike has created a home entirely from materials found in Merry Hill forest, which is a 15-minute walk from the nearest road.

He sleeps on a mattress made of dried leaves, has fashioned window frames and even a bath out of driftwood.

But now bosses at The Woodland Trust said they own the site and have ordered him to leave.

Mr. Pike said: "I am not doing any harm to anyone here. I grew tired of modern life.

"I came out to the woods, starting in a tent and decided to build a home. I won't be leaving."

Mr Pike, who used to work at Tesco Extra, said he had no mortgage prospects and ran into difficulty after suffering a nervous breakdown.

Fed up with the pressures of modern day life he decided to live simply in the self-built home in Carpender's Park.

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