Disrupt and Decentralize - One Company Brings A New Wave Of Renewable Energy To U.S. Homeowners

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Just a couple years ago, Solar City began installing their own solar equipment on the roofs of homeowners throughout California.  This company, Powur played a big role in getting those systems on the homes.  In the wake of hundreds of thousands of installations, banks are realizing that financing solar is a good bet.  It's not like the systems are going anywhere once they're on the home.  So today, Powur has honed in on that financing strength in order to put solar on every home.  Homeowners can walk into a solar system with nothing out of pocket, and a reduced payment, all while increasing the value of their homes!  The platform Powur created then offers a great income to those who spread the word about the advantages of installing Solar today.  

Through a word-of-mouth referral program, solar is not just news today, but is becoming a wave across the nation.  

I had the privilege of sitting in on one of their meetings with a local solar provider.  The provider is as excited for all the installations happening because of this program as the teams are to be referring customers to the providers.  

 Source:  ABCSolar.us

I have much respect for this company.  Back in 2016, here's CEO Jonathan Budd offering the company's 100 year vision:

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