DEA Reschedules CBD Oil as Schedule 1 Drug (video)

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After you have seen the above video, how does it make you feel about the DEA?  Is this a one-sided story?  

When it comes to decisions like this, the DEA should be pressed to public scrutiny and a congressional hearing before such action can be taken.  No decision should be handed down without a nice video to explain the decision.  All we get is rules and silence.  When peoples lives are impacted in a negative manner or harmed by such a decision, those at the top should be held to account for such harm as a personal attack on each count.

If someone dies, murder.  If someone suffers pain, pain and suffering compensation is due.   People who make their own decisions are liable for those decisions.  When someone else makes decisions for you ,those who decide are liable, and should be held financially accountable for the mistakes both personally and corporately.  The system needs to make a way for those in need to get what they need.  

This is, however, a two sided street.  If people are dying from the meds, then the government has an obligation to find a solution.  As a part of balanced reporting, we were unable to unearth those types of stories. That solution doesn't mean guns and badges and sending people to jail.  I believe that a good system of distribution can fix these problems.  The current system is based on maximizing dollars, not on maximizing health care.  

The fact remains that there is Big Pharma money at steak here where the public will avoid the doctor when they find a natural remedy that works.  It's interesting to see now that Big Marajuana money in the mix is ready to fight for peoples rights in the matter.  

One Colorado law group is taking a stand against the DEA:


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