Enova: Australia's First Community Owned Retailer For Energy Has Been Awarded License To Sell To Consumers

Categories: Wind Power

In Australia Enova Energy has become the first community-owned energy retailer to be given license to sell electricity to consumers, making this a very important step for a complete re-design of the energy market.

The retail license application was approved last Friday, upon completion of their current capital raising, ending late November. The company is seeking to raise a total of $3 million, luckily they are already half way to their target.

It has been described as an "historic" event, and Alison Crook, the chair of the retailers board said "This is the first community-owned organisation to get the right to sell electricity to the community". We hope others will follow.

Enova will base their operations in the northern region of NSW, selling electricity to consumers all the way to Coffs Harbour and Glenn Innes.

This structure will support community energy generators, like the ones planned by Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby (COREM), which promote and encourage more renewable energy consuption in homes and in businesses.

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