DIY Wind Turbines: Homemade Wind Turbines Tutorial

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Learn to make your own diy wind turbine! Whether you are living off the grid, or just want to generate some extra energy for the home, this diy Wind turbine idea will have you generating your own electricity in no time. Keep reading for the how to tutorial to build it. 

Before you start purchasing parts and tools you need to make your own DIY wind turbine(s), it would be for the best to first have an overview of all the building rules and laws in your state/city/neighborhood. It is pretty easy if you live on a countryside where your property and house are settled miles away from your first neighbor, but if you live in a thick neighborhood when noise can become a big problem, you first need to consult with your neighbors and also check with local authorities whether or not you are allowed to even set a wind turbine in your backyard.

Elements to consider are:

  • Wind Speed
  • Rules and Laws
  • Space 
  • Wind Turbine Blades
  • Generator
  • Connecting Parts
  • Wind Turbine Base

Setting Up The Wind Turbine:

It’s time to set your wind turbine and have it ready to use it. You will need to assemble all the parts you have left waiting to be set. You have some mounting and wiring to do in order to make your DIY turbine fully functional, so follow the next steps to finish your construction.

Step 1: You should first connect the charge controller to the battery you have in order to prevent power spiking. This should be done before attaching the battery to the wind turbine.

Step 2: Next you will need an insulated wire so you could attach it to the charge controller. So, this wire is supposed to lead the power transferring it through the generator, across the charge controller and into the battery. The wires should have two lengths and you can use the ones you can find in any electricity cord, of course once you remove the plugs as you don’t need those. Even though you have two wire lengths, the two wires should be insulated together.

Step 3: You should now go ahead and set the wire through the shaft and the base. Put the wire through the pipe and set it through the top and across the tower shaft. You can use the fish tape to help you thread it efficiently.

Step 4: You will now attach the shaft to the base and add it additional support if needed by using wires. You can do so by using guy wires.

Step 5: Next is attaching the head of the wind turbine to the tower shaft. Put the wires across the assembly and have them connected to the generator. It is advised to remove the blades form the hub if you are installing the wind turbine on the permanent base tower. You can them assemble all parts then put the blades back.

Step 6: You should have another end of the wire left, so you need to connect it to the generator and finish your construction. You can now set the power to be directed to the battery by using your charge controller configuration.

Once you have everything figured out, you can use your alternative energy source and have your backup plan worked out in case a power out occurs and you end up living in a SHTF scenario where there is no mainstream electrical distribution enabled. You will be glad you’ve tried making your own handmade wind turbine even if you are only trying to save some money on your bills.

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