When A Treadmill Becomes A Water Wheel Generator

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"This is the second water wheel I made.....The first had buckets cut in half for scoops...This one has 25 gal barrels cut in half for scoops...It may move slower but will allow you to gear it up to what you need because of the force being caused by the amount of water...." Brian Eicke

Brian discusses some of the creativity that he used in assembling this wheel and generator, which used the pulleys and rollers from a treadmill, as well as it's electric motor as a power generator.  The output isn't too strong, and that's not just about the wheel, but more about the efficiency of a treadmill motor as a generator.  He plans to make another with more output capacity by making his own generator with rare earth magnets.

The good news is for him, that the most complicated part of having a water-wheel generator is a constant flowing water supply, and that he has!  

You can find 55 gallon neoprene barrels on craigslist that were used for feed or whatnot, and they run about $5 to $25 each depending on where you find them.  

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