Turning trash to Jet Fuel

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United is investing in the airplane fuel of tomorrow, 'Garbage'. The Airline has entere into a $30M Deal with Fulcrum BioEnergy; a company that takes trash and converts it to liquid biofuel.

This is a movement both airlines & environmentalists can agree on, developing a viable biofuel option, would drive the price of regular fuel down, and ease emissions at the same time.

United could be flying 22,000 planes a year on garbage by 2021.

Fulcrum is a pioneer in the development of a reliable and efficient process for transforming everyday household garbage into low-carbon transportation fuels including jet fuel and diesel. Their low-cost process will reduce our dependence on imported oil, create new clean energy jobs and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional petroleum production.

Their plan also makes great sense when thinking about the world’s challenges in disposing of garbage.  Simply put, we can make a difference.  Utilizing Fulcrum’s process, they have the ability to convert the garbage generated by more than one million people into 30 million gallons per year of clean renewable fuel.  They are developing a number of facilities across North America with the annual capacity to produce hundreds of millions of gallons of renewable transportation fuel while eliminating trash land filled annually across North America.

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