When Is It Time To Move To Electric Vehicles?

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How Fast Will Consumers Move To Electric Vehicles.

I wonder if BMW believes this e-mobility revolution is likely to come much quicker that most people predict?

According toBMW, the i3 is made of carbon fibre and weighs much less than most vehicles. It has a range of 160 kilometres and takes about four hours to recharge with a special 240-volt charger, or 12 to 14 hours with a regular household electrical outlet. 

Time will tell what effect BMW’s move to an electric focus will have, but at this stage EVs still appear very much in their infancy, and if BMW’s change goes through as advertised it could represent a seismic shift in the market. BMW is pushing forward with other electric initiatives including its first all-electric tractor trailer. Germany has not been a major EV market in the past, but this move could change the situation going forward.

One question that BMW’s announcement raises though, is what effect a known brand name going all electric will have on the market? It’s possible that BMWs will prove to be supremely attractive electric vehicles and the announcement will jump start that market. That seems unlikely though given the limited demand for the company’s existing EVs. What’s more plausible is that consumers may, in effect, be forced to buy an EV if they want a BMW. It is also possible that BMW’s move will spur other car makers to follow suit.

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