When Is It Time To Move To Electric Vehicles?

Categories: Energy, Mobility, Green

The age of electric vehicles may finally be upon us – or at least that’s what BMW is banking on. BMW recently announced that it will convert all models to electric drive trains, range-extending engines, and plug-in hybrids over the next decade in response to a coming series of strict EU carbon emissions laws. The company’s 3 Series sport sedans will even become plug-ins. The transition is a dramatic statement from one of the world’s most recognized and well-regarded car brands.

The 2016 Paris auto show is in full swing as car makers try to swing consumers to their latest designs and technologies. Electric cars definitely in style this year with every major car maker and many new companies showing off what have.

In some cases they are showing prototypes of vehicles that may be produced someday but many are showing off electric cars that are being sold right now.

BMW is interviewed byBloomberg news and it is very obvious thatBMW considers electric vehicles or e-mobility to be the wave of the future and today. Many have predicted that it will take decades to adopt electric vehicles in any meaningful number. There are all after all billions of combustion engine cars on the road today right?

The truth is that battery technology is improving so quickly that it will not be very long before electric vehicles offer longer range than combustion engine models. Electric vehicles already benefit from faster acceleration, longer life, longer warranties and very little maintenance.

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