The Power Shed

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This post goes out to those of us who don't really want to leave our home, and setting up solar power sounds big and expensive.  Set it up on your shed or kids playhouse, and have a backup power supply there.  Its good experience, and you'll be thankful moving forward that you learned how it all works.  


The Power Shed

After going a decade without electricity,ChipandClaraBoggs thought it was time they had some.Theyfoundedapermaculture community on 365acresoflandinCoquille, Ore., named it the Homestead, and bought solar panels, a battery bank and an inverter, which converts 24 volts direct current (DC) to 110 volts alternating current (AC). Because the battery bank functions better under constant temperature conditions, the Power Shed was built to shelter it. 

At 120 square feet, the Power Shed is small but mighty, with 16 solar panels, windows facing south and a concrete slab floor. According to Ish Shalom, a Homestead resident, the solar panels produce about 720 watts when the sun is shining, which is enough to fuel the shop, kitchen, cabins and computer office. 

If there's a blackout in the coastal town nearby, chances are the Homestead contingent won't know about it for days. "The power system, in my experience, has been more reliable than the grid system," says Shalom. "We have no external factors that take our power away from us. Poor management is the only reason we would have to go without power."

Here's one man who's taken his shed to the next level...

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