Tesla to Launch Powerwall 2.0 Home Battery this Summer

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When Tesla first unveiled the Powerwall, a rechargeable battery pack capable of powering homes, the internet exploded and supplies sold out through the end of 2016. Now Elon Musk has announced the company will release a second version of the popular battery pack. Powerwall 2.0 is slated for release this July.

Musk did not detail exactly how the Powerwall will be different and has admitted in the past that upgrades for batteries come slowly. However, considering the battery system racked up over 38,000 pre-orders at a price tag of $3500 for a 10kWh system and $3000 for a 7kWh system, it’s likely that whatever upgrades are made, Tesla will not have trouble selling them.

The original Powerwall battery storage system measures three-feet by four-feet wide and six inches thick. The price tag does not include an inverter (needed to convert the stored electricity into something which you can plug in), but comes with integrated heat management and can fit on the interior or exterior of a home. Essentially, this system allows anyone to operate “off-the-grid” as needed. When Musk revealed the Powerwall last year, he talked extensively about climate changeand how it is “within the power of humanity” to change the way we produce and use power.

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