Solar Roof: A Roof That Generates Free Electricity (Video)

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This roof will pay for itself and also save you money on electric bills because it can produce electricity just like solar panels but unlike solar panels that look odd these a sleek modern and look better than any standard roof on the market

Solar Roof Systems integrate directly into the roof instead of being mounted on a bulky rack system over the roof, providing customers a durable roof and a sleek, low-profile solar system in one!

Do you like the look solar roofs? If so, you are not alone - surveys show that 3 out of 4 homeowners would prefer an integrated solar option. With solar roofs, now you have a choice!

Solar Shingle and Tile Roof Systems offer homeowners, businesses, builders, and installers the latest in solar roof-top design and functionality. Solar roof systems allow for direct-to-roof installation with no racking, offering customers a more aesthetically-pleasing, high performance solar option that protects your home, produces clean energy, and provides roof and energy bill savings.

  • 2-in-1 Solution
  • Low-Profile Appearance
  • High Performance
  • Added Value & Savings
  • Reliable & Safe
  • Easy to Install

Solar Roof Systems enable solar to become an integral part of your building, providing construction cost and energy bill savings, a streamlined installation process, and a differentiated, low-profile appearance preferred by customers. Solar Roof Systems are a valuable addition for new home construction, commercial properties, and government and civic institutions.

  • Generate clean energy from the sun
  • Preserve curb appeal
  • Enhance property value
  • Enjoy energy bill and construction cost savings
  • Leverage flexible installation options
  • Avoid structural engineering and reinforcements

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