So Cool! SolarPod panels can be installed Without Drilling A Single Hole

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A recent press release reveals that the first-of-its-kind SolarPodTM has gotten UL certification. The SolarPodTM group of products is the first offer for US retail and commercial markets that provides no roof penetration, particularly helpful for sloped roofs (SolarPodTMCrown). The no-penetration SolarPod Crown cuts installation cost while at the same time achieving dependable reliability.

SolarPodTM is completely modular, and quickly and easily integrates into your existing electrical system. If your energy needs grow with your home or business, additional SolarPodsTM can be installed in series to the existing setup with minimal effort. The entire series only requires one 240V electrical hookup.

The prefabricated quick install solar solution dramatically reduces utility scale and commercial installations. What’s more, the SolarPodTM is the only solution that gives up to 20% higher energy from the seasonal tilt adjust mechanism.

You can watch our easy installation videos.

An entire SolarPodTM Grid Tied installation takes only two hours!

taking the nation by storm, but one challenge some homeowners face is how to mount them on roofs that you can’t punch holes through. SolarPod, a new technology that just got its UL certification, offers a system that mounts to any roof type – without the need to drill holes. This is particularly useful for gable roofs. Designed to withstand 130 mile-per-hour winds, the SolarPod system also cuts installation costs and allows for easy system expansion. The first of its kind, SolarPod’s recent certification received a Class A fire rating that puts it on par with other solar systems from around the world.

According to Cleantechnica, SolarPod Grid Tied is an integrated and modular “plug & play solar system that can be tilt adjusted (for any angle) to maximize solar potential. The prefabricated system reduces on-site installation time, improves reliability due to its robust high gauge corrosion resistant steel construction and increases solar energy production. It can also be installed on just about any type of roof, including: shingle, wood shake, metal, tile and corrugated metal.

“We are very pleased about the UL 2703 listing certification given to our products,” said SolarPod founder and designer, Mouli Vaidyanathan. “This nationally recognized testing laboratory certification along with wind testing to 130 mph wind loads by CPP Wind and our internal testing, confirms our commitment to very high standards for performance, safety, quality and cost. This certification will go a long way in reducing the soft cost towards the SolarPod installations.”

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