Introducing Mistbox: The Solar Powered Misting Unit That Cuts Your AC Costs By 30%!

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By adapting a proven technology used in commercial AC units to home central air conditioners, Mistbox increases the efficiency of the units, saving up to 30% on AC costs.

As we get closer to summer, keeping the inside of our homes cool begins to be one of our priorities, but running an AC unit to do so can come at a high cost, not just in money, but also in energy. AC costs can quickly add up during hot weather, but there's a way to decrease those costs using just water, and it doesn't involve a swamp cooler or increasing the humidity within your home.

One of the issues with central air conditioning units is the fact that during the times when you need it the most, the condenser unit, which sits outside the home, is forced to use the hot outside air to cool off the refrigerant. This leads to a harder-working AC unit and increased power consumption, which in turn translates into higher costs. However, by pre-cooling the immediate area around the condenser unit with a fine mist of water, AC units can run more efficiently, which reduces both power consumption and costs.

Mistbox, which promises a quick and easy 5-minute installation, along with a set-it-and-forget-it computer-optimized control system, is a small solar-powered misting unit that mounts to the outside of the AC condenser, enabling the condenser to pull in cooler air for its operation during hot days. According to the company, this can reduce AC costs anywhere from 20-40%, right from the get-go, and can pay for itself within the first season of use.

Here's how it works:

Though the concept of evaporative cooling has been used on commercial AC units for decades, Mistbox has finally brought the benefits to homeowners.  Mistbox is computer optimized and its algorithms continually improve to maximize savings.

Mistbox is smart. It learns from its environment – your unique climate & AC system. With this information it can optimize misting to maximize power savings while minimizing water consumption. The result is a hands-off approach to limit your energy use without sacrificing comfort.

  • Wireless Connectivity

    Allows you to track power consumption and helps you quantify your savings.

  • Solar Panel

    No wires. No replacing batteries. Let the sun power your Mistbox in an easy, sustainable way. 

  • Computer Optimized Control

    Temperature. Sound. Magnetic field. Mistbox senses these and more to optimize misting.

  • Water Treatment System

    Mistbox includes a water filter to help protect your AC system.


  • Easy Installation

    Get up and running in minutes with 3 easy steps.

  • Immediate Savings

    Mistbox starts saving you money from the very first day. It can pay for itself in just the first season of use, and you could save thousands in cooling costs over the lifetime of your system.

  • Long Term Savings

    Our water treatment system helps keep the misting manifold free of clogs and increases system life. That means less maintenance, and lower energy costs.

  • Time-tested

    Mistbox uses the same technology used in commercial air conditioning applications for decades, but we've finally adapted it for residential use in a cost-effective and durable way. Mistbox is built with quality materials and a simple, well-engineered design that will last for years.

  • Low Maintenance

    Install it and forget it. Mistbox monitors its own performance for optimal efficiency, turning itself on and off when conditions are right. The only maintenance required is simply changing the filter annually.

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