Mini Solar Powered Cooler Takes the Edge Off in 100 Degree Summer!

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The MiniCooler 1000 low voltage direct current evaporating cooler with 60 Watt solar power supply is an excellent choice for your summer cooling needs for a low price, $579.00.

Designed to cool a room as a wall or window mounted cooler, the MiniCooler 1000 runs on solar during daylight hours, and is best used set up drawing in outside air. Great for a list of uses the MiniCooler 1000 is an excellent choice for placement in a window, vented through a wall or mounted on a stand.. Popular uses include cooling a room, a shed, small greenhouse applications, shelters, small out buildings/animal shelters. Can be easily mounted to a wall using 12 inch shelf brackets.

At 1000 cfm, running on solar the MiniCooler 1000 features an 12 inch highly durable fan, brushless submergable pump and standard evaporative cooler water connection (1/4 inch float valve). High density cooling media in the machine produces an excellent cooling effect with an average cooling of 100 degrees cooled to 73 (in low humidity environments).

The machine comes with a 30 foot cord with in-line on/off switch, and made up with MC/4-TUV connectors for simple water tight connection plugging into the solar panel.

The system comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty from Western Harmonics.

 An optional off peak or overnight run-time battery pack is available for running during hot summer months with additional solar panel(s) for system charging. Daytime running on solar and night time rechargeable battery operation.

Cooling systems range in size and start with this 1000cfm unit for $579.00 from!  Go there and check em out!  Further questions can be directed to

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