Heartwarming video of homeless people being treated to free haircuts by top stylists

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In the Spirit of the Holidays Mandie Barnes and other hair stylists decided to provide their services to the homeless for free. They know that a haircut is a powerful thing. It inspires confidence in men and women alike. Over a Week ago they volunteered their time and talents at the Ogden Rescue Mission to give haircuts to homeless members of the Ogden community. Along with support and donations from many other local businesses and friends, the results of that afternoon were incredible.

Stylists from across Utah took time out of their busy schedules to lift the spirits of the homeless by providing free haircuts for Christmas.  Mandie Barnes, the stylist who organised the day, said she got the idea from a hairdresser in New York and reached out to the stylists to volunteer their time and talents at the Ogden Rescue Mission.

Homeless people from the community assembled at the center to enjoy a trim courtesy of some of the best stylists in the area.  Mandie, who contacted hairdressers from Ogden to Lehi, explained that customers would normally spend a great deal of money getting a cut from the women donating their time. 

In addition to the trims, local businesses and friends of the mission donated clothes and food to ensure that the day was a thorough success.  And Ogden Beauty donated grooming products so that the stylists were fully equipped to produce perfect cuts.  The video shows the homeless people enjoying a haircut before collecting some warm clothes for the winter and having a quick bite to eat.

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